Path to Digital Learning

Path to Digital Learning

On April 1st, I had the pleasure to enjoy and present at the Blended Personalized Learning Conference in Rhode Island. In preparation for the sharing of the 10 Digital Learning Models (book coming this summer), I was interviewed by Nick DiNardo in a “Meet Education Project” Podcast.

Listen to the 30 minute Podcast #173

In the podcast, you will hear my passion for digital learning. The passion that drove me to create i3DigitalPD with a desire to share all that I have learned over the past fifteen plus years.

It made me reflect upon my path to digital learning, from my early beginnings in 2000 when working with eighth grade recovery students, to building the first fully online public high school in Clark County in 2007 (graduating class of seven), though the failure of big money high school reform which did not change the way students learned, and growing in my belief that digital learning changes the classroom for the betterment of teachers and students.

Prior to the conference, we visited several schools embracing blended personalized learning. One elementary school was in the early adoption phases, with a small handful of teachers testing the waters with personalized digital learning in grades three and five. A middle school was working to fine tune blended learning by adding a learning management system and digital content. An exemplar elementary school, three years into blended personalized learning, had a thoughtful leader and focused staff who had a data-driven polished rotation model in place. Each school was at a different place, yet all were seeing the positive effects of digital learning and looking to change classrooms for teachers and students.

This reminds us, that each of us are at a different place in our path to digital learning.  It’s through conferences, books, webinars, podcasts, and social media outlets that we can find coaches and guides along the way. There is no one road to digital learning, but there are many paths to travel.

  • Find what inspires and drives you.
  • Locate coaches that fuel your passion.
  • Open your mindset to using digital content.
  • Create a path for students to experience personalized digital learning.

You’re not alone. Many have trekked this road and others are taking the journey as we speak. Look for success stories and models you can replicate or re-fine and make your own. Let us help you discover your passion and establish a solid path to digital learning.