New Pedagogy

Preparing educators for the pedagogical shifts and skills
needed within digital learning environments.

Individualize Instruction

Use blended learning programs to meet individual student needs.

Digital Content

Rethink how classrooms look, teachers teach, and students learn.

Innovative, interactive, and individualized professional development for digital learning environments.

In recent years there has been an overwhelming rise in interest and adoption of blended learning to improve the educational experience of students. Educators need to understand the new mindset and pedagogical approaches for digital learning environments. Leaders need to engage in thoughtful planning of such innovative initiatives to create successful programs. i3DigitalPD provides support for understanding teachers’ new roles and effectively supporting them and their school leaders in transitioning to new models of teaching and learning.


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Preparing teachers for the pedagogical shifts and skills enabling personalized learning using digital content. Learn More
Engaging school leaders in thoughtful planning, design, and evaluation of innovative programs.
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Building engaging interactive online content that supports students success.
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Why i3DigitalPD

We are an online professional development provider that is committed to supporting the mind shift needed for online and blended learning environments. Our team is comprised of current and former online and blended educators, instructional designers, systems managers, and administrators who have worked with thousands of teachers and administrators in the 5th largest district in the nation, Clark County School District, in Las Vegas, Nevada. We believe the first step to becoming a highly effective online or blended teacher is to be a student in a quality online learning environment. Our courses not only provide quality online instruction, they also model smart online content design, supporting teachers in creating their own online or blended learning environments.


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For technology tools to have impact, school leaders need to understand the implementations for mindset and pedagogy to ensure that they adequately prepare teachers and schools for the transition.

Understanding and Supporting Blended Learning Teaching Practices
Education Elements and iNACOL