Creating a Five Year Plan

Creating a Five Year Plan

School is in (or just about to begin). Now is an appropriate time of the year to reflect on your desires and dreams for digital learning.

It starts with a goal. Knowing where you want to be in five years. Casting a vision for the future. Working toward that goal each day. Success will come with challenging work, learning from failures, and the tenacity of your team to accomplish the dream. Earlier this month, I had the pleasure to share Clark County’s path of success in a recent podcast, hosted by Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute (MVLRI).

Listen to the 30 minute Podcast #40

August is a wonderful time of the year. The new school year is upon us. The energy level is high. Excitement fills the air from parents, students, and teachers. How will you capitalize upon this? Who can you reach out to support your dreams and desires?

I’ve been at five different schools in the last two weeks, from traditional comprehensive, alternative education, and specialty schools for adjudicated youth, plus helping with a brand-new school opening this year targeting students overcoming the chains of addition. It’s an exciting time for digital learning. More schools are thinking outside the box when it comes to the possibilities of online courseware. Well beyond just credit recovery!

When I think back to the how this all started, I’m taken to the humble beginnings in Clark County School District, with a goal of one-third of all students in an online or blended learning environment. The steps we took to meet this goal started with teacher professional development, followed with access to quality digital courseware, and an enterprise learning management system available to every teacher.

Take inventory. Where are you today? Where do you want to be? How will you scale the great divide? Digital courseware provides students a learning opportunity like no other. Personalizing the learning experience, yet keeping the integrity of standards based instruction for all students, no matter the background or experience level of the classroom teacher. Have you thought about all the possibilities that digital learning must offer?

Soon my book, Thinking Outside the Box will be out. It is filled with stories of both failure and success, with numerous possibilities for digital learning and many innovative deployment models. My favorite is the four-year plan for “growing up digital” from freshman to senior year. The reader will hear how others laid a foundation for digital learning and increased student access to an individual learning space. My goal is to help you and your tenacious team to cast a vision and blaze a trail for making a dream for digital learning come true in all settings from comprehensive, alternative, and special populations.

Let i3DigitalPD help you cast a vision and carve a path to success.